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Sucharit Bhakdi gives an interview to Marios Dimopoulos about COVID-19

The famous microbiologist Sucharit Bahkdi gives an interview to the Greek naturopath, nutritionist and author Marios Dimopoulos about COVID-19, self tests, rapid tests, lockdowns and the side effects of vaccines.

You can watch the video of the interview here: https://rumble.com/vh5sjd–sucharit-bhakdi-covid-19.html

You can read the interview below:

Dimopoulos: My name is Marios Dimopoulos. I am a Greek naturopath, nutritionist and author of books about health and nutrition. Today Sucharit Bhakdi is with us. Sucharit Bhakdi is a microbiologist and epidemiologist. He was a professor at the University of Mainz, where from 1991 to 2012 he was head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene. His life has been devoted to research into the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. In 2020 Bhakdi became a prominent exponent of ideas about the coronavirus pandemic. He became well known to million of internet users for his opinions about COVID-19.

Mr. Bhakdi, thank you for accepting my invitation to this interview.


Bhakdi: Thank you for having me.


Dimopoulos: One year ago, you wrote an open Letter to German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel regarding the “socio-economic consequences of the drastic containment measures which are currently being applied in large parts of Europe.” Greece had the hardest lockdown and yet it failed. Greece has 1000 more deaths than Sweden during the last months, and Sweden does not have a strict lockdown. Do lockdowns work?


Bhakdi; Of course, they don’t. They never had and they never will. You see the trouble about the whole business is that no one knows what is being measured. You don’t what a COVID-19 case is, what a death is. You can’t talk about death numbers if you don’t know what you are talking about. And no one knows what he is talking about. The Greeks don’t know any better than the Germans or the English or the Americans, because the diagnosis is based on an invalid test.


Dimopoulos: Do you mean the PCR tests?


Bhakdi: The PCR test is not valid. We are being cast back centuries in civilization before there was the age of modern medicine. What is now happening in all the of Europe is the standard of medicine that we had during the death, the Black Plague, you know, when it came in to Europe, there was no science. And there is no science right now. So, whether you are COVID death or not, it is like you are in the jungle to which doctor comes and says oh, you have COVID and you believe them. So, there is not really anything to talk about because this pandemic, as it has been declared to be, never existed. It never existed. It was all constructed to make the world believe that a new killer virus had come to kill you, which was a lie. It is that simple.


Dimopoulos: If this is true, why we have all these deaths? For example, the situation in India. What is your opinion?


Bhakdi: Well, the situation in India, I can’t oversee, because I have not been there. And I do not believe things that come through, you know, the media, if I am not sure that they are right. We receive terrible, terrible news about why so many people are dying in India. But they are not dying, according to our sources, because of the coronavirus. They are dying because of the measures that have been taken against this virus. They are dying because they are starving, they get ill because of quarantine. Now, whether this is true or not, I cannot tell you. But I can just say that there are many stories about why India is doing so badly but I tend to believe that they are dying because they are starving and because of the measures.


Dimopoulos: You are right, I know that every minute one child dies from diarrhea or pneumonia in India.


Bhakdi: Yes, right. And now even more they are dying because they are couped up, it’ s very hot there, they don’t have anything to drink, nothing to eat, they are poor. People in Europe don’t realize. I have Indian blood in me, that is why I feel for India.


Dimopoulos: The media arise fear to the public, showing icons of people burning their dead, but it is ritual there to burn their dead. It is not something new in India.


Bhakdi: Well, as I said I don’t want to talk about India, because I don’t really know the truth. What is I know up to now is that the media mainly has been lying.


Dimopoulos: Ok, I understand. Tell us, why, here in Greece they force schoolchildren to have self tests.


Bhakdi: They started that in Germany too.


Dimopoulos: What is your opinion about this?


Bhakdi: It’ s criminal.


Dimopoulos: Why?


Bhakdi: Because it is dangerous for the children. You don’t go pocking swabs up your nose. You know is liable to be damaged. And the children are terribly damaged and that is the first reason, the second reason is because the test is stupid, senseless and worthless. It doesn’t tell you anything. It tells you nothing. The PCR test tells you nothing. This nose swab looking for an antigen, tells you nothing. And if anyone comes and tells you that I am not telling the truth, then I ask them to stand up and discuss this with me like a civilized person. Because it is well known that these tests cannot tell whether someone is infected, first of all, whether someone is able to spread the infection, is infective, second of all, and third, even if it told us this, it is not protecting the person who is being testing, because these children are not endangered anyway, they will never fall seriously ill, they will never die, and they will also not spread the disease. All this business about children being a danger to you and me because they might spread the disease is a blatant lie. It is absolutely untrue. And this should be known the world, that people without symptoms, healthy children have never been shown to spread the serious disease COVID-19, which is pneumonia, you know, a serious illness that sends to death of elderly people. This has never been shown a single time. And anyone who claims that it has been shown, must stand up and discuss with me and show me the data, because they do not exist. The one study, the one article that started off this whole craze about healthy people spreading the disease came from Germany. And it turned out to be wrong. It was a wrong scientific statement, made by people here in Germany who said that a Chinese lady who came to Germany from China had infected Germans and she herself had not been ill. And that was published, you know, back in January last year and it made such a splash. Everyone said oh my God, now, healthy people are endangering the world. And that is what started this whole stupid craze. And it was only months later that it was shown that this paper was wrong. Because that Chinese woman had been ill, she had been clearly ill, she had been so ill that she had to take medications in order to join the meeting that she was at and because that happened, she did infect several people in Germany. But that was the good news. The good news was that these people who did get the virus, did not become seriously ill. And what a nice learn about this. That was back end of January last year. I told everyone hurray the virus is not new. The virus is a new variant, but it is not basically new, and therefore the people have a good immunity against it. This is a background immunity everyone has against coronaviruses. And that is why you cannot get seriously ill, if you do not have the high dose of the virus being given to you. And this question of the viral load or viral dose is so important that I want to tell you about it now. If someone has pneumonia or bronchitis because of this virus and he coughs at you, you may get the virus and you ultimately get the cough. This is true. And you may even get the pneumonia if you are old and have a preexisting illness. This is true. But if you don’t cough, the amount of virus that comes out of you, even if you are positive, is so small that you will never be able to kill a ferret with it. When people say that someone who has no symptoms is infective, they may be right, but they are talking about the infection of cells in culture, you know cells that you grow in a dish, you put the virus on, and you can see at the virus there. But it has never been shown that people without symptoms, with the breath that comes out of the mouth, can make other people, not cells, people severely ill. It is known that the amount of virus coming out in the breath is so small, it’s like homeopathy, it is almost non-existent. That’s why all this business about testing, testing, testing wrong people is a pack of lies, and it’s got to stop. And then to send people to quarantine, to have children testing themselves, wearing masks, all this is a crime against our children, crime against humanity, that serves to go to a tribune.


Dimopoulos: You answered to my questions. I would like to ask you how you would explain the fact that some people are asymptomatic or have mild COVID-19 symptoms, while others become seriously ill, end up in intensive care unit or even die. I think that you talk about cross immunity or not?


Bhakdi: Well, all people are cross-immune against this virus, this has been known for months now, virtually everyone out there has – I mean what is immunity based on. Immunity against these coronaviruses is based mainly not on antibodies, but on lymphocytes. And these lymphocytes they recognize bits and parts of the virus. I call it the waste products of the virus that appears on the surface of a cell when the cell is infected. And these lymphocytes recognize that waste and waste of one coronavirus is very similar to the waste of another coronavirus, even of a new variant you see. And this lymphocyte then attacks those cells that are infected and kill them. So that the virus is no longer produced. That this the end of infection, you can stand up and go to work again, if you still have work. Now if you are under 70, ok, and you get this virus, because you have this background immunity, it is almost impossible to die of the virus. The infection fatality rate is in the order of 0 to 0.5 %, that means of 10.000 people below the age of 70, even with preexisting disease, 5 out of 10.000 may die. 5 out of 10.000. That is very, very, very little. Less than the death rate by influenza, the flu. Now if you are elderly above 80 and you are already seriously ill because of heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and the virus gets into to your lung, then of course your chance of dying goes right up. But it goes up with all the other infectious agents that end to the lung like the flu, like bacteria. Many bacteria that enter the lung will kill these people. The only reason that this does not happen regularly in the care homes is that these people with influenza, don’t go to the care homes. These people with pneumonia lie in bed and they can’t get to the care homes. Now in this case you see if you have the coronavirus and you are not seriously ill, but you still cough out enough to infect the elderly, then if one person in that nursing home gets ill, he will infect the next one. And that is why we have this surge of infections in nursing homes, in care homes that led to deaths. And that is why that the only thing that has to be done to prevent this virus really attacking a lot of these elderly patients with preexisting diseases is to protect those elderly patients with preexisting diseases, so they don’t get coughed at. That is the only thing you have to do. And you don’t have to go round vaccinating them either.


Dimopoulos: I would like to ask you because we know the cytokine storm that the immune system attacks the lungs, and if someone has a compromised immune system. I have found that many studies show that low vitamin D levels are related to serious outcomes of COVID-19, and if you take vitamin D supplements or from sunshine, you protect yourself from COVID-19 and cytokine storm. There are also other substances, like the glutathione levels. And other people say about the omega-3 fatty acids that mitigate the cytokine storm, protecting us from COVID-19. What is your opinion?


Bhakdi: My opinion is that the attention being turned to the so-called cytokine storm is totally out of place. What are you, guys, talking about? What is the cytokine storm? Where did this statement come from? The cytokine storm, I tell you this because I taught about infectious disease for over 30 years, the term cytokine storm comes out of the bacterial field. All right? When you have a severe bacterial infection, then the immune system fights this with cytokines that are turning on the cells that are going to kill the bacteria. And these cells are not the lymphocytes. These cells are the phagocytes. Because the phagocytes eat the bacteria. Now, these phagocytes are turned on by cytokines. And these cytokines that are turned on should be turned on at the right level. You know, the immune system is like an orchestra. Music is being played. And there is a conductor. And the conductor says, ok, there is a bacteria. So, we need cytokines to get the trumpets out and the trumpets should play. But it should not play too much, not too low, just the right. So, there are cytokines that say, trumpet you start to play. And this starts to play. And when they play, you know that the bacteria are out there and you have to fight them with this loud trumpet.

Now, with the viruses you don’t need your cells that are going to eat bacteria, because the viruses are not eaten. You see. The viruses are faught against by the lymphocytes. So, our immune system has two major cell populations. Not only two, but two major ones. The first ones are the phagocytes against the bacteria and they are turned on by certain cytokines. All right? The others are the lymphocytes and they turned on by other cytokines. Now, the term cytokine storm has come out of the bacteria field, because people who have very severe bacterial infections, then the immune system says “play louder”, “play louder”, “play louder”, and more and more cytokines coming on, and then the storm came that turned this orchestra into something that make too much noise. And that was bad, you see. That caused these phagocytes to be very aggressive to the walls of the lung tissue too. And then you got all such the things that happening in the lung that should not happen, including the formation of clots, you know, clots because the vessel walls are damaged when the phagocytes go and start to be very aggressive, they also start to damage the vessel wall. And when the vessel wall is damaged, you have thrombosis. So little clots form in the lung, and then you have the lung, people die of shock lung. The shock lung is a lung that you have at very severe bacterial septicemia, sepsis. All right? Because of this cytokine storm. Now, In the case of the viruses you have a very similar thing happening, but not because of the cytokines. Now what is happening is this. When this virus gets into the lung, all right, this happens because it can enter into the cells of the lung and let’s say we are sitting now in a blood vessel. We are antibodies, all right, you and I, we are antibodies sitting here in this room, ok. The coronavirus wants to come not in this room, it wants to get in the hall of the house so it goes through the front door, it comes from the air. All right? So, it’s clear that the antibodies sitting in the room will never be able to stop them entering into the hall of the house. All right? And that is what happens. The antibodies never protect against coronaviruses, never have, never will and never can. So, the virus that will enter into the hall, now the hall, those are the airway cells of the lung. Once there are in the hall, they start to multiply. Now the lymphocytes sitting in the blood vessels realize that something is going on there. So, what happens is, they leave the vessel wall and go to the lung cell and start to kill the lung cell that is making the virus. At the same time, this causes a little leak in the vessel wall, so, the virus can come out of the hall and indeed enter into the bloodstream. This happens, but it is a secondary event. And when it comes into this room, which is the bloodstream, this virus will then enter the cells that line the wall of your vessels. This is the so called endothelial cells. Ok? So, they will go into the cells of the tapestry of the room. And these cells will then start making the virus too. Now what happens is that the lymphocytes that see that the cells of the vessel lining are making the virus will now also attack the vessel wall. You see? And start damaging the vessel wall. Just as the phagocytes damage the vessel wall when bacteria are out there in the hall that they want to fight, now the lymphocytes are doing it. And you get the same consequences, the blood clots, but it doesn’t clot because of the cytokine storm, it clots now because the lymphocytes have gone and start scrapping the tapestry. So, many roads lead to Rome. One road is the cytokine storm when you have bacteria out there leads to blood clots, and the other is the lymphocytes that do the same thing. I hope that I make myself clear because it is the first time to explain this.


Dimopoulos: It is clear. Now let’s discuss about the vaccines. My first question is if mRNA vaccines can alter our DNA.


Bhakdi: Well, primarily not, and if it happens, it would be a rather rare happening. Of course, it cannot be completely excluded and should not be excluded, but no one knows anything about the incidence. Now, I am very subdued. I could say “yes”, “yes”, there is real chance and it probably will happen, but I don’t want to do this, because I don’t want to alarm people to something that others say that he is exaggerating now. I want to say that the very fact that one is injecting the mRNA or a vector vaccine AstraZeneca into your body, is bad enough. Because that can cause horrible things to happen. Horrible. I thing that these horrible things are happening every day. So, if I may talk a little bit on that.


Dimopoulos: Yes. Can you tell us about short term and long term side effects of the vaccines against COVID?


Bhakdi: Yes. Ok, so, first of all, let me say that there is no indication to allow these vaccines to be used as emergency agents. Right? What is an emergency? An emergency is there if you have an illness, a disease, that is extremely dangerous, killing. All right? Many, many people and for which there is no therapy, neither is true that COVID-19, as I told you before, this virus has such a low infection fatality rate, that it is ridiculous to say that we have an emergency for people under 70 driving a car is more dangerous, and you don’t have an emergency. What is all this nonsense about? For the people in the care homes with preexisting illnesses, this is also not an emergency, because all we have to do is protect them from getting infected. Which is so simple, you just don’t let sick people get to new them. That is all you have to do. There is no emergency. And even if they felt ill, there would be medicines to treat them. You mentioned vitamin D. Vitamin D is definitely something that is working, has worked, then there are things like hydroxychloroquine if given at the right dose, is known to work with people who don’t have this genetic deficiency in a certain gene. They can get it. Then we have zinc. And then you have fourth agent that is slowing coming through ivermectin. And why don’t we sit down and talk about these things, because there so many people who know so much things about this, and there is nothing to be said against them. Instead, what is happening is that people are being said told that they have to take this emergency vaccine, because otherwise they are going to die. I mean, how untruthful can scientists, physicians and politicians get. How untruthfully can you get without dying of shame? Where is your sense of honor?


Dimopoulos: Many people believe that this is the liberty. If they make the vaccines, they will have liberty from COVID-19. What would you say to these people about the dangers of vaccines?


Bhakdi: Yes. The protective efficiency of none of these vaccines has ever been shown to exist. Never. When we are talking about the protective efficacy, I talk about protection against dangerous illness and death. I am not talking about protection against a cough, and a positive PCR test. Because that is what these companies are saying, it protects 95 %. But if you look at the data, the data is ridiculous, you know. Pfizer had two groups of 20.000 people each, 20.000 got vaccinated, 20.000 didn’t get vaccinated. And then they looked to see after, I think, two months, they found that in the vaccinated group they had 10 cases of COVID-19 defined as fever, cough, and A positive PCR test. In the unvaccinated group they had a hundred and fifty or a hundred and sixty cases of fever, cough and a positive PCR test. Now we all know how worthless the PCR test is, it’s lying all the time, so in fact there is no data, and whether or not you want to vaccinate 20.000 people, so that a 150 don’t get fever and cough, I think that this is so stupid that no one should believe them. And on the other hand, what people have to realize is the number of severe side effects. Is in the order of 1 to 2 % for all of these gene-based vaccines. Meaning that if you have vaccinated 20.000, anything between 200 and 400 people have gotten such severe side effects that they have to be treated, some even in the ICU and some have been maimed for life. That means they have maybe nerve disease, paralysis that they will be never completely be cured. And that to save 150 people from getting a cough and a fever, and a wrong PCR test. Now, why these vaccines are so dangerous? And the answer is very simple. When you inject something into your arm, what you are doing is, you are injecting about 1 billion, that is a thousand million, 1 billion packages of this gene that codes for the hand of the virus. And this gene enters the lymph nodes and then from there enters the bloodstream. It’s known, it is always happens. All right? So, a certain percentage of what is injected into the muscle, ends up in the bloodstream. And once in the bloodstream these packages of genes cannot leave the bloodstream anymore. Because, you know, this room has a tapestry and has windows and they are closed. Once a gene package is in the room, it’s got to stay there. It will never get out. And where should it go? Now these packages are designed by the labs to enter the cells that they contact. So, the cells that contact other cells that line the vessel wall (the endothelial cells – the same cells that we are talking about 10 minutes ago), they will take up this gene and they will become the factories to produce these spikes. You know this spike, all right? My hand is now the wall of the vessel, and what happens is, the cell will produce the spike. The spike is going to stick out into the blood. And this is very very dangerous, because the spike of this virus has a very very special property. It is able, it is able, this a platelet, a thrombocyte. If a thrombocyte flows by and is touched by the spike, it is going to be activated. And you know what happens when your thrombocytes are activated? The blood starts to clot. The second thing that will happen is that because this spike is being produced, these cells are also going to put the waste products that have not been used to build the spike in front of the door. And they put it here. This is the waste and this is the spike. So, you have two things that are very bad for the tapestry, for the wall, because now the lymphocytes – my fist is a  killer lymphocyte – comes, he sees the waste on the door, steps off the cell and he will now attack the cell. Because that is its job, kill the cell that is making the virus. He scrapes the door. And now that happens that we were talking about 15 minutes ago, what happens in the lung, now happens all over your body, in all your vessels, depending in which cells in your vessels and where have taken up this spike gene. And that is where the blood is going to clot. Because if you start scraping the wall of your vessels on the inside, as we heard, the blood will clot. So, half a year ago, I started telling people this, in the interviews, and they were horrified and I said I don’t know what is going to happen but I am afraid this is going to happen because that is what I taught to my students should happen. You know, if you do the solid thing, this experiment have never been done. It is now been done on million people. This is the largest human experiment ever performed and that will ever be performed.


Dimopoulos: So, does this mechanism you say explain the cases of thrombosis with AstraZeneca?


Bhakdi: Yes, not only AstraZaneca, all of them do. Biontech does it, Pfizer does it, it’s just that you haven’t started to look yet. And people are starting to look and yes, there are clots there and you see where these clots form. When I started talking about this, that it was December last year, I didn’t know. Because, as I said, these experiments have never been done, not even in animals. So, I didn’t know, I just know that probably could happen and I thought it would happen where the blood flows slowly. Where is that? In the veins and in the very small capillaries, the very very small arteries. Logical.


Dimopoulos: Can a mRNA and DNA vaccine trigger an autoimmune reaction? Should people with autoimmune diseases be vaccinated?


Bhakdi: No one should be vaccinated.


Dimopoulos: Ok, but I ask if they can trigger an autoimmune reaction.


Bhakdi: Well, let me put it this way. I am sure that they can, but the evidence up to now is more theoretical than anything else and that is why I would not claim that they do. There are many many reasons why I think they do, but I don’t think that we have to talk about them because the reactions that are now known to happen, even without autoimmunity are so horrible that there are reasons to stop this whole vaccination business immediately. Now you see, what is an autoimmune reaction? It is when your immune system attacks your own cells. In fact, what we are talking about right now, this is the spike, this is the waste, and the killer lymphocytes come and attack my own cells, because they see the waste of the virus. This is already a type of autoimmune reaction. It is already autoimmune. So, we don’t have to start thinking about more and more and more. Now, what happens was that we got so worried and then the first cases came. And we said, my God, it looks as if it’s true and that is why we have to write a letter to the EMA to make them aware that this is the danger. And we sent this letter to the EMA, a group that got together from around the world and we call ourselves doctor for COVID ethics. You can look us up. At the beginning there were 12 of us who wrote this letter and said that we are afraid that people might have thrombosis and they are going to be very serious reactions. And the EMA didn’t respond to us. That was 1st of March. We gave them 8 days to give us the evidence they had excluded this before they had oked the vaccines for use in humans. But in that one week suddenly this report came from around the Europe: oh, two women died of pulmonary embolism. Oh, soldiers died because of cerebral venous thrombosis, you know, clotting in the vein. And do you know what happened then, there was a big appraise and the EMA, 50 countries suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine but then just 4 days later EMA and the WHO said: “Guys, don’t worry, it’s true that these very rare cases are there, but there are so rare that we have to be able to tolerate them, because the benefits outweigh the risks.”


Dimopoulos: And I heard that in Israel Pfizer had as side effect myocarditis.


Bhakdi: Well, I don’t know whether it is myocarditis. There are many possibilities. You see the trouble is this: Clot formation in all the vessels in the body has never been studied. What don’t know what is going to happen. We don’t know if you take the vaccine where in your body these clots are going to form. Now I have the inkling of suspicion that in at least 50 % of the cases the clots are forming in the brain. Why do I think this? It’s because when we hear about young people having very severe symptoms, the one symptom that dominates is headache. Then nausea, vomiting, I feel sick, I have to vomit. Then, oh, my consciousness is going, I can’t think, I can’t speak properly, I have blurred vision, my hearing is not good, or I can’t move my right arm and leg. All right? Some people lose their motor control. They start having jerks, you know they jerking disease. All these symptoms do fit under one diagnosis and then through my conversation with my colleagues, experienced colleagues, we suddenly came on the telephone, my God, those are the symptoms of cerebral venous thrombosis. CVT for all of you watching, and want to go to your google putting “CVT outcomes”. The symptoms of CVT are headaches, splitting headache, vomit, what I told you. And so, I said, my God guys, every case of thrombosis in the brain vessel is life threatening. Whether you are going to die or not, He up there is going to decide. All right? And of course, the death rate is maybe only 1 or 2 %, but that is a damn lot because the rest of you may be paralyzed for life, maybe never be able to walk again normally, may never be able to work. These are the things that people have to talk about. We may remain deaf or half blind. All of these things have to be talked about. Now, no one knows what will happen if lots of those blood clots occur in the lung. But we think that is going to have something that looks like cytokine storm in the lung. Or the lung that you see in the patients with COVID-19, because those blood clots are in the lung. And so, these people have a picture that looks like COVID-19 pneumonia. And when you go around testing them of certain reasons that I’m not sure about, the PCR test for COVID-19 turns positive very very often after a vaccination. Then you have a wrong diagnosis. Then you say, oh my God, they have got COVID-19 after vaccination, the vaccination came too late, that is what the Germans are telling their people. You know? I think is so terrible. Oh, what happens perhaps if this blood clot is in the heart, in the coronary artery. People getting heart attack. You know, some days ago, a parent of a 16-year-old boy, who has never been ill in his life, died from a heart attack after two days after the shot. How can you politicians, how can you be so cold? I am feeling and say ah, the benefits far outweigh the risks. There has been not a single death under 50, 40 years old persons without preexisting disease. In Germany, during the first six months of the pandemic people who are not vaccinated at all, not a single death, maybe 1-2 my God of the 40 million people. Now what happens is the little clots happening in the capillaries of the heart? You would have to picture compatible with myocarditis. It’s the same picture. You see? But it would be diagnosed unless you look. And that is what we are trying to tell everyone now, and telling you Greeks, if someone dies, have them look at and tell your pathologist to look to see if they find clots, in the brain, in the lung, in the heart, in the abdomen, in the arms, in the legs. If you don’t do that, you better stop being doctors. You better stop.


Dimopoulos: Some minutes ago, you talked about vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin. Some say about monoclonal antibodies. What is your opinion about it?


Bhakdi: Bullshit. I told you, how can antibodies that you inject protect from the virus that comes through the front door. It can’t. It’s all a big, big, big… It’s criminal. The people, you know dear government should ought, it is not so much money. I think only sixty million euro has already been reserved to buy these antibodies. Nothing of course against the 1,8 billion doses of the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine that have been bought by the European countries, I think including Greece for the 400 million citizens. 1.8 billion doses have already been bought or reserved for 400 (million) for the next years to come. Because they are all planning to get, all of us, and you vaccinated…


Dimopoulos: Even children.


Bhakdi: Even children. I mean if this crime doesn’t go to a tribunal, no other crime against humanity will. And I am calling to the lawyers, I am calling to my physician colleagues to stand up and do something about it. Don’t keep on with these lies.


Dimopoulos: Are asymptomatics contagious?


Bhakdi: No, I said this about it 20 minutes ago, no, it’s known that they are not, because there is not enough virus coming out.


Dimopoulos: If someone has been vaccinated, can be a carrier of the virus?


Bhakdi: Well, no one has shown this, no one knows this, but I am sure of course they can. Because, as I said before, this virus can’t be stopped by antibodies. So, you get vaccinated, you may have the antibodies in your blood, but these antibodies are not secreted out off the front door to meet the virus that wants to get in. I will tell you there is one class of antibodies that does get secreted out. And the people who are vaccinated may secrete some of these antibodies out to the front door to meet the virus, but, and this I want to say very clearly, it is known that the amount of the antibodies that are secreted out to meet the virus at the front door, are much too low to stop when the main virus comes, there are too many viruses that they cannot be stopped. How do I know that this is known? Because there is a genetic deficiency, meaning that it is inherited, that these people are not able to transport to these antibodies out to the front door. And this is one of the most frequent human genetic deficiency in the world. I think 1 in every 500 people have this deficiency and they don’t have any antibodies in the front of the door. These people do not suffer more often or more seriously from flu or coronavirus or whatever you want. They don’t play any role. These antibodies that are secreted do play a role by protecting against infections of the gastrointestinal tract. These people have more diarrhea, but they have the same number of pneumonias. So, I don’t want if I have been clear. Vaccinations never worked.


Dimopoulos: Yes, you are clear. Proponents of vaccines say that Israel has done massive vaccinations successfully. On the other hand, 54 % of the population of Chile has been vaccinated and despite this there is an increase in coronavirus cases.


Bhakdi: The trouble is and I said this before. The trouble is you don’t know what a virus case is you don’t know what a COVID case is. I don’t believe any data. They are flawed. You can go around asking the medicine man in Chile whether or not and he says something, you go around and ask in Israel and it is something else. There are some very very nasty people saying that of course the are no more corona cases in Israel because those who might have gotten it are now dead because of vaccinations. Everywhere in Europe that there is mass vaccination in care homes, nursing homes, always the vaccination was followed by a wave of strange deaths in those nursing homes.


Dimopoulos: How can we react to the massive vaccination, because now they say that in the European Union we will have vaccine passports? And in Cyprus someone in order to go to a café bar must have a PCR test or have a certification that he has done the vaccine. How do you think that we can react to this situation?


Bhakdi: Yes, it’s very very difficult. This is for sure. And I can see that many many people in the world, now they are thousand, ten of thousands of people who are creating resistance and that they are coordinated and networking along each other. So, we have the doctors for COVID ethics. Now last week a group was formed, lawyers of COVID ethics and we are now connected and we are fighting a lot of cases against the governments, against the states, against the authorities, and all these cases are being made public. So, we are looking for co-signatories, you can sign, and we try to disseminate this as much as possible. So, that the mass media cannot overlook it anymore. If, I can tell you that, the cases are now being signed and protocolled of the vaccine, of all these gene-based vaccines. These cases have been filed in court and are waiting for them to be handled and in this time we are collecting as many signatories as we can from doctors and nurses that all say that we agree that there must been mollification of these vaccines. Because if the vaccine are mollified, this means that they cannot be used. If they cannot be used, they obviously don’t need and cannot have a digital passport, because there is a vaccine. So, that is one way to go. The other way to go is that the population knows that this is happening and also stand up and say yes, we also refuse to be vaccinated. Because if you refuse to be vaccinated, no one can force you to. And if all Greece, all Europe stands up and does that, then the agenda is finished. But we have to do it.


Dimopoulos: There are some conspiracy theories that coronavirus was created in a lab. Do you thing that it is something important or no?



Bhakdi: Well, I don’t think that we should talk about conspiracy theories. I think that we should talk about what is known. And the data is out and it has been published. Excellent analysis of this virus that we are not conspiracy theorists, we don’t know enough about molecular biology of these viruses, but looking at the data that is now published, it looks very much as if the virus was created in a lab, in Wuhan. I like to compare this to a path, you know in the fields, a natural path, that is the virus. All right? The path and that is the gene of the virus. Lots of… Now when in the middle of a normal natural path, you see square stones laid out, ok, carefully, then they can hardly be nature because those stones can have only be made by man’s hands and mind and computers. And that is the evidence, there are stones out there in the gene they cannot be there by nature. So that is the argumentation looks convincing to me. But I don’t want to participate in this. I don’t really care. All right? So, the only question is why and how it was released. And here is where I stop. Because the moment I start speculating, I become a conspiracy theorist, which I am not. I am not left, I am not right, I am not up, I am not down. I am a scientist in the middle. I leave the speculations and the conjectors to other people.


Dimopoulos: You have written a book about coronavirus that is available is some book stores, I don’t remember, could you tell us about this book? And you are going to publish a new one, as I know.


Bhakdi: The new one just has appeared in German. Not yet in English. So, the first one has been out on the market since October, but the new one contains all the newest data and newest explanations, including the vaccines. I think it contains everything. But it is in German.


Dimopoulos: Will it be published in English or not?


Bhakdi: We translated the first book, but now we are so tired that we said we don’t want to go for the second translation.


Dimopoulos: I have read a chapter of this book that is available on internet. Someone can find this chapter about vaccines.


Bhakdi: Yes, that it was the first version of the vaccine chapter that we wrote back I think in January. And because we were so worried and then we talked to the publisher and said translated, and he said ok, put it on the website. And you can download and it is free and we said we don’t want it to cost anything. But in the new book that chapter is updated, because it was written in January, and now it is April. And everything that we had predicted, it has come true.


Dimopoulos: Thank you for the conversation.


Bhakdi: Welcome. I think maybe one last thing if I may close. I want to really warn all of you, what is happening is so dangerous. Because, you know, when your immune system sees this virus and the waste and comes by and fights against our own cells, autoimmunity, it also gets trained. So, it goes back to the lymphnode, it divides, so that out of one you have two, four, and the next time you get vaccinated, or the next time you get the virus itself, there is no going to be one killer lymphocyte coming. They are going to be two or four to come and attack them. Now this is what sets off the pseudo cytokine storm, not the cytokine storm, but the overreactive immune system. And this is what we want to call immune-dependent enhancement of vaccination and disease. And this can be very very dangerous. Because this means that with every new vaccination, your reactions are going to get stronger and stronger and stronger until maybe one day you will be playing Russian roulette. At the moment, only 1 to 2 % are suffering from severe side effects. Those 98 to 99 % who have escaped this vaccination should thank God for the lucky stars and God but don’t get another shot. That is why after the second shot many many more people got these severe adverse side effects. Don’t get the second shot. Don’t get a third shot. Refuse. Say, no. I am afraid and you have every right to be afraid.


Dimopoulos: Thank you for the nice things that you told the Greek people.


Bhakdi: They were not nice.


Dimopoulos: Ok, I meant the important information that you told us.


Bhakdi: Please do something about it. Greece you used to be the cradle of civilization, of western civilization. All the great things came from Greece, everything that was created in Europe came originally from you. Why don’t you leave up to the name of being great nation? Instead of being a nation of ignorant people. Don’t do that. Europe needs you. The world needs you.


Dimopoulos: Thank you for the conversation. Have a nice day!


Bhakdi: Have a nice day! Good bye!


Marios Dimopoulos

Doctor of Naturopathy-Nutritionist-Author

PhD candidate in Integrative Medicine

Member of American Naturopathic Medical Association

Fellow of the American Council of Applied Clinical Nutrition

Member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants

Member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners

Member of the Association for Natural Medicine in Europe

Member of the Society of Complementary Alternative and Holistic Practitioners

Member of the Pancyprian Association of Nutritionists

Member of the Professional Association of Complementary Medicine and Humanities

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